Welcome to Blargle Celebrities

Yes, hello and welcome.

You may find yourself wondering just what is going on

Well, we used to be "Glorious Gilbert", the huge dedicated fan page of Sara Gilbert. However, I started feeling frumpy and wanted to do more PHP and MySQL and escape beyond the realm of obsessive fandom.

Realising I was a fan of underrated actors, I decided to expand out and produce a promising offering called Celebrity Researcher

Well, my ISP had a few issues with naughty people trying to hack in, so they beefed up security, leaving most of my scripts unworkable. Don't worry they are there, they haven't been lost, they just, no longer work.

So I need to basically completely re-write the site. Im taking the opportunity to tidy everything up, all the database layouts and web designs and really make things swish and funky.

Im sure you can appreciate, that this is an immense project, and not one to undertake lightly. Initially over the next few weeks, you won't see much, but I'll still be here in the background sorting it all out and before long, Im sure you'll see some really positive results.

I apologise that I let things slip, but I really am starting again. I hope you like it when it's released, please, keep visiting again.

The Future

So what is coming around the future? The priorities are to get the PHP, SQL, and Site Redesign Complete. After this we'll work on a new registration/login procedures with interaction to a new message board, the Simple Machines Forum. Then we'll add the news facilities back in. Then continue expanding the site.
  • Finish off the site HTML Redesign
  • Turn it into Templates
  • Fix up the backend PHP and SQL
  • Implement new login/registration facilities
  • Introduce new message board based on the excellent Simple Machines Forum with full interaction to our login/registration system
  • News