Downtime on 14th March 2007

All of us, otherwise known as Simon, at Blargle, would like to apologise for the recent downtime experienced on the 14th March 2007 for nearly 36 hours.

Our ISP had a brain fart and while performing many useful upgrades, something got triggered which wiped out many file attributes and settings. Why they were performing these updates on a live server when they have the capability to transfer their VPS to different hardware, I don't know.

They've assured me it won't happen again, but! Ah, that's what they promised last time when their Cobalt RAQ's caught fire and imploded.

They promised me last year they'd try to get around to updating their MySQL server from VERSION 3.0!

So right now, Im not a happy bunny. Im looking to jump ship to an affordable but reliable host. Which ironically, that's what my current ISP has been. Their CS sucks balls though.

So Im thinking of HostNexus, or even, ugh, dare I meantion it, 1&1. But, neither are proving too useful at the moment. I'm all ears if anyone has any suggestions. Drop me a line.